Friday, July 15, 2005

Food tip Friday.

Ahh, the word is in from the doc regarding my MRI. Good news and bad news he said. The good news is that my Meniscus and ACL/PCL are fine. Bad news is that the right side tibia on the left leg just below the kneecap is riddled with stress fractures. At least I don't have to go under the knife. Massive amounts of stretching is required now, increase my flexability and ease into riding. That last one will be hard. Thank goodness for medical insurance.

Food tip Friday:
Here is one for you. Need a quick snack during the day? Or one to throw in the back of the jersey for your ride? I call this one, Fly Paper.
Start with the following items.
-JIF smooth peanut butter
-Quaker Oats plain rice cake
-Dole Raisins

Spread the peanut butter onto the rice cake about a 1/8th inch to however-much-you-need thick. Break up the raisins the best you can so they aren't in clumpy balls. Cover the top of the peanut butter with the raisins. Pat them down into the peanut butter. Wrap the cake in aluminum foil if you plan on eating it on a ride.
My name is stickboy and I am addicted to peanut butter. Protein from it does you good. Don't forget to wash it down with at least 8oz of fluids.

My heart goes out to the women that died this afternoon in an automoble accident near my exit ramp that I live a half mile from. Apparently the guide rail that does a fair job at keeping cars on their side of the road only works if Penndot does their job and REPLACES IT AFTER IT'S BEEN WRECKED AND FLATTENED BY AN OVERTURNED PROPANE TANKER. Geez, bad enough construction takes forever and now this.

MS 150 is going on this weekend. Mr. Icon and T5's are manning the tech service tent Sunday. The first stop on the 50 & 75 mile legs of the route. Stop by the white Rocky Moutain tent and get some more lube on the chain. Less is more people remember that for today, except for peanut butter!


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George said...

My pop is 68 and drives Rt30 every day. He's been a witness to a few bad accidents over the years on the stretch of highway.

He said is was really raining hard at the time of the accident, he was by that spot about 10 minutes before it happened.