Thursday, July 07, 2005

Food-tip Friday.

He is a first. I will try and offer suggestions for tasty snacks for either pre/during/post riding. Or even as a snack at 10pm while catching up on your email. At least they are good tasting for me.
Morning quick breakfast or pre-lunch snack:
Tortillia shells (2 ea-10 inch pref)
Cottage cheese (Low Fat)
Natural preserves (grape, strawberry, no/low sugar whatever you want, hell break out the Smucker if ya got 'em)
Nuke the shells on a dinner plate with a damp paper towl. 10sec max for 2 on top of each other. Just enough to take the brittleness out of the dough.
Think like Taco Bell without your headset on and spread 3 large soup spoons worth of cottage cheese up through the middle of the shell.
Lay in 3 spoons worth of preserves/jelly along side of the cot cheese.
Fold up the bottom third of the shell towards the middle.
Wrap the rest of the shell from the sides or overlap the sides, however you prefer to roll'em.
Chomp down and say....mmmmm. Wash it down with some Tazo green tea and go back to work.
My visit with the Physical Therapist was quite enlightening. Looks to me flexability is due to a limber back, huh. Yea touch your fist to the grown can be due to that or at least it is for me. He gave me 4 stretches to do that I have never seen before in any fitness mag and all I have to say is dag, I'm really not that flexable when it comes to doing them. They should be super effective in loosening the IT band, quads and hamstrings. I need Mr. Icon to whip up some new orthodics in the ski shop for my running/riding shoes too. Beats the 200 bucks the PT was going to charge for now.

I am saddened by what has occured in London. My condols go out to everyone.

Here my fav link for online radio listening to. Go to the top of the home page and click on Listen Live. Rollins does a good show on there. None of that WCRAP stuff.

Man that crash sucked within the 1k mark on Thursday. I was stoked to see Christophe Mengin going off within 30k to go. Home court can make you stoked. I really dig the telemetry that OLN has for the riders heartrate. If they could only have gear selection too, tire pressure monitors, exhaust sensor, WHOA. That is starting to sound like the Speedchannel should be sponsoring the Tour.

Have a good weekend and keep your fingers crossed for my Masi to show up by next Friday.


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