Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blue Light Specials in the bicycle department...

Let me say how much I LOOOOOVVVEEE department store mountainbikes. Adults, kids, whoever, they are all P.O.S. That's the code for labor on one of them. I hope you can figure out what the abbrev means. Not only that I need some POS hand soap b/c of the extra large amount of either chain lube or really....WD-40 that's dripping off of the chain. Man, just bite the bullet, get out the paper or plastic and get your kid a single speed bmx bike. There definitly is a maturity for kids to operate geared bikes. If you spend $79.99 at Bla-Mart and it doesn't run out of the gate AND it needs something like 80 bucks in shop labor to make it safe and operating properly...something is wrong here. And having the shop that backs you for the life of the bike regarding adjustments on it is important too. Do ya think that Bob from the Lawn and Garden dept that assembles grills is going to get the bike right, probably not, not even hot. haha. As we used to say at the prev shop I worked at, 'Cheap to buy, expensive to fix.' Mine is, 'Nothing fixes worn bike parts like a new bike...' Enuff of that!

The MRI on the knee went well this morning. Drifted off, relaxing, meditating, imagining building up the Jamis Comet that I had left on the stand last night. This bike for the money has all kinds of stink hanging off of it. Full Ultegra, Easton hoops, Kinesium light weight frame, carbon rear brake stay (which looks just like the one on the Bianchi Giro/San Mateo). Killer paint job and rock hard cranks! Bike review coming soon on that stead. I have some particular stretches from the doc to loosen the IT band area. We'll see how they go.

Go Team Discovery. Go Phonak. I want Floyd to do well since he hails from my area, what a machine. I was stoked to see George H. do well in the prologue. Kicking it at the Paris-Roub must be paying off.


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