Monday, July 04, 2005

Birthday back-b-que

Sold another Masi on Saturday, another convert. Back to back test rides and he chose it over the Bianchi 928 carbon bike. After fitting him for a test ride, the choice was made after both bikes were ridden. Masi's geomety felt better to him.

Yea I don't n. eed to use sunscreen. I think that was how my mind was rolling yesterday.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to take in some dogs, beers and fireworks with your loved ones. I attacked the mulch pile as mentioned earlier. To enjoy my birthday, I shoveled the rest of the pile onto the foundation of the stately manor. ha! I figured that I would get some color, just didn't think red would be it! I was determined to not wear a shirt while working b/c the weather was beautiful and applying suntan lotion by myself isn't easy. My wife wasn't around, she was driving to pick our little ones. Away I went, job done and my back now looks like someone slapped it with a wet mud mudflap from a Peterbuilt.

The little ones were visiting grandma Friday night and all day Saturday. This allowed my wife and I to go rock out at the Def Leppard concert at Lancaster's Clipper Stadium. Let me start by saying this is a nice stadium for a minor baseball team to play. Big stadium look in a smaller package. And you can get right up to the stage to see your fav band. Def Leppard came on about 8pm. Later than expected. For having 25 years of music, they were smart and played all the good songs from Hysteria, Pyromania, High and Dry, and 2 cover songs that weren't bad. There was some doubt if they would make it b/c of their late commitment to Live 8. They played a tight set, sounded good, and seemed to be appreciative of the enthusiasm of the 10 thousand fans that were there. Photograph and Foolin' were my top picks for the night. My voice is back after yelling and singing. Phil Collin still looks the same, in fact so does the rest of the band. Seeing Rick Allen playing drums with his left foot was pretty rad too. My thumbs up for D.L. drafting guitar great Vivian Campbell for their line up. I liked his work when he was playing for Dio....Sacred Heart, Last in Line, talented indeed.

Sunday I took the cross bike out with my wife for a bit of trail cruising, nice weekend together without the kids. I highly recommend it if you are busy with one or two children of your own.

4th of July I took to the road, snuck in 40 miles by lunchtime. Rolling with my close friends and an old boss of mine. The weather was in the 80's, low humidity, sunny (yea I lathered on sunscreen) and good climbs with fast descents. This ride was to get the left knee wimpering a bit so my trip to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow will yeild some kind results. Mission accomplished, only my PCL started wigging too. That was a first. The IT was sore. More on that appt later in the week. I took a couple of sloppy lines and slammed the wheels into concrete holes and pieces. The Hutchison Quartz tires didn't flat, not bad for a training tire. That and Cinelli Gel tape are nice upgrades for your bike, go buy some now!

Tuesday is a lone day for me in the shop. I will try and grab some shots of the new Viner F25 carbon frame that showed up last week.

stickboy \m/

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