Friday, June 24, 2005

Weapon of choice.

I wonder what really drives one to make the bike purchase that they do. I've experienced on a regular basis of conversing with strangers, 'My road bike is a >>>> or my moutainbike is a >>>>' 9 out of 10 time it's one of the big 4 and usually the same brand. In further dialog they mention that they got a 'great deal' on it. Then I think about the 70% of people I see on the wrong size bike from >>>>. Guess end of the year savings overides weather you're wearing flood pants or not.

My hat off for the kid that was rescued.

Just received an email from a buddy of mine that I saw for the first time in 14 years. Of all things, he and his girl were at the bday party for my best friend's wife. Small world, yea right! Apparently he works at the same company as my best friend. Not a month would go by without me thinking of the times in High School, riding at Lansdown skatepark summer of '90, working at the little family resturant(he bus'd and I cooked), driving to the 'Dry Dock' in Annapollis to see the 'Commonwealth' play. It's funny how when you get older, people that step back into your life bring feelings and emotions just like the last day you saw them. For old times, he and I are going to see GBH in Towson next month, music review to follow.

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