Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tuesday night, getting the fit right.

Not a lot of activity today, the humidity was heavy enough that licking the air was probably as good as drinking from your waterbottle, sort of, just really moist outside. Hiding in the air conditioned shop was my salvation. Two of my sales/mech were in tonight with my associate, working on nailing down one of the guy's personal fitting. He has had some severe knee surgury over the past several months. The scars on his knees are as long as a set of lips on a womans face. Not your tiny scoping holes. Therapy has been good to his knee, or at least it seems to be so far. His knee is tracking vertically over his cleat while spinning, strength will increase as the miles pile on. Get well my man.

Speaking of knees I have an appt with an orthopedic surgeon next Tuesday. Hopefully this IT band issue can be rectified. Commuting into the shop has been a test for the knee and last Wednesday was the straw that broke the camels back. My usual headwind was there in the morning. I don't mind it because it warms up my legs quicker and the tailwind helps my cruise home after a day at the shop. However last Wednesday rolled in a storm as I was heading home. It rained for about 20 minutes, headwind with an alternating crosswind, and the joker stabing the side of my knee with a ice pick for an hour. At least that's what the pain can be described as. Needless to say I didn't hit my 120miles last week riding in and out. I will ride the day before just to get things jacked up one more time before the exam. Don't want to go in for the exam without all of my abbreviations throbbing...IT, ACL, MCL, maniscuis.

Here is a money shot of the Masi Vincere Premio. Notice the attention to detail at the cable routing. All integrated with the 'M' Masi stamped oh so gentle for your viewing pleasure.

Here is one of my builds for a customer of mine. He races for the local team, holds his own quite well and is a good inspiration for a pup like me. Cyfac-hand made France, all Record stink hanging off of it. This guy buys bikes like Tim buys a new cell phone.

Short on eye power, more tomorrow.

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George said...

I wish I needed a new road bike:-)