Tuesday, June 28, 2005

'til Tuesday

Why I love Tuesdays... That is my long day in the shop. I have 2 cups of breakfast blend in me so hopefully my spelling and grammar will be better now. That and I realized that there is a spell check button at the top of my text box. I guess it pays to blog during the day.

Long day open to close, full exposure of repairs and bike builds. Repairs have been nice from the stand point that the honey that we've have put out when opening the shop is attracting some nice bees...huh. Lots of quality bikes to work on with minimal showings of Bawl-Mart bikes. Lots of personal fittings to get everyone comfy on their steeds.

Refitting someone on their road bike that they have had for awhile is sort of like marriage therapy. You may have been going through the paces for awhile not realizing the minor pains or inconviences you have been putting up with. Redialing in the fit is like talking things through, evening out dining and dancing without the kids or a maids outfit, whoa, hey now!

Tuesday next week is my first doc visit with an orthopedic surgeon. My IT band is limiting my length and duration, CYCLING folks, cycling. Old cycling and snowboard injuries are catching up as I close in on 33 years old. I pray that the doctor can apply a dynamite surgery to relieve the pain and prescribe good pain killers and rehab! Can you write that off on your insurance for rehab, seriously, how many more people would ride more if that aquisition was medicinal?

Off to get my boy to school. More tonight folks, back in 2 and 2.


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