Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So ya, thought ya, might like to go to the show...

Is any sane person actually going to drive to Philly this weekend for the Live 8 show. All I know is 2 things. 2 lanes going in and out of there with a projected million in attendence, whoa! Def Leppard is supposedly doing their part of the Live 8 gig Saturday and then rushing to Lancaster to do a show there that evening. That's a lot to do in one day...if I don't get to hear Photograph, well, things won't be pretty on my end. Good luck Mr. Geldoff. Man the booking for the Philly artists stink. I do believe it's the same old homoginized (sp?) artists that I hear on WCRAP daily. Not that I listen to that daily. Sarah McLachlan is the only booking I would take. The rest could go away. The London show is looking better, my thumbs up to Coldplay, The Killers, The Cure, Velvet Revolver, Pink Floyd and REM. Sounds almost like a potential line up from a Lolapaluza show from the early 90's.

If there has been a bike that I have been working on a lot, it's this one. I don't mind it at all because that requires me to take it for a test ride everytime and man can this bike move! Here is the latest jewelry that I had hung off of it today.

If you want a touch of class for your road stead, try a set of FSA Wing Pro handlebars. Their flat palm area is nice and ergo, not EGO! Although your hands will be so relaxed while pedaling, you'll have more power to put to the pedals, ha. I built this bike up with an FSA kit which I must say isn't a slouch group at all.

FSA isn't spec'd too much as OEM but they are great for boutique brands like Viner, or a redo for a trusty frame you have at home and want to breathe new life into it. I'm still not sure if those parts are compatable with My next road bike will be upgraded to FSA RD-400 like mentioned earlier in this blog from the Masi GC Premio that I adjusted.

Crying shame today as a beer truck overturned on the interstate near Carlisle.

Gotta go shave my head, be well.



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George said...

Check out my Test-It Thursday entry on my might come in handy :-)

PS-Those are some sweet-ass bars and cranks.