Thursday, June 30, 2005

Holiday weekend coming up.

Be sure to thank someone you know that served or is serving in the military, this 4th of July weekend. It's sort of a Memorial Day thing to do for the 4th. The think to your self, oh yea Stickboy's bday is the 3rd, happy bday to him to, haha!

Guess this weekend I'll attack the mulch pile that's taken residence in my driveway. I still can't figure out why we need to mulch the house. At least we're not like the other neighbors and everything that grows out of the lawn gets it's own ornate circle of mulch piled up around it. I would prefer to grow grass right up to the foundation, nothing but weedwacking to be done! However there is a goal this summer before it's over. My wife said that if I take the chainsaw and do my dirty work to the 3 trees out back that need to go, I can build a race track behind the house for my gas powered r/c cars, yea! It's a guilt pleasure that my son and I enjoy. I got back into racing them last year and scored a 2nd place trophy and about 30 bucks in purse winnings too. Check out the track, nice owner of the hobby shop too.

Not much to post today as it's my day off, home with my daughter, I love Thursday's.

My Maki Combo is here, time to chow.


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George said...

That track looks like it might be fun on a BMX bike:-)

Happy birthday-I'm still way older then you........