Sunday, June 26, 2005

Git off the road...

That is sound of sweet lovin' in York County. It never fails that when on a road ride in York Co, that some area native manages to sound, yell, honk or all of the above at me during my spin through York. The icing on this cake was that this individual was unique in many ways. It wasn't the usual domestic vehicle, blue collar, mullet rocking male. It was a 60+ year OLD, not young, woman in the passenger seat of a 2wd Ford Ranger pickup truck. Her window was down and as the 2 of us stayed on the paint, they rolled by and let one loose. I then proceeded to killer with kindness and shouted back while waving, Thank you, have a great day, see you later. On the other hand, if my missing riding comrade was there, he'd chased the truck down like a pitbull after a porterhouse steak...

My real reason to be on a ride this beautiful Sunday was to provide sweeping support on the road bike leg of the YWCA's First Annual Women's Sprint Triathalon. There were about 140? entries to take on the 300yd swim, 15 mile road ride and a 3.1 mile road run. Sweeping the course takes care of 2 things. 1: Make sure everyone is accounted for and stays on track. 2: I get a road ride to stretch my legs out. I really enjoyed the road course, as it ran through the DTown area, Lake Redman and back balloon look style. The end of the road ride gave you a healthy climb back up to the starting point at the High School. My sweeping partner was the Gran Corsa Premio stud as mentioned above. 35mph on a banked exit ramp near the highway. He says that bike handles like a Ducati--yea Quattroporte'. His Masi also climbs wickedly fast. The steeper the climb, the faster the bike other words, all of your pedal pressure is efficiently transferred to forward motion at the rear. The ladies on the course had a good attitude about the event and gave every hill a good dig. I did feel for the 40+ group at the end of the road riders. I am not sure if 40+ describes their age or the weight of the bicycles. I felt like throwing them a free helmet and bike. Words of support were all I could dish out as they pushed their steads up the final hill. I hope my wife does one of these events, it's a great moral booster and it's one of those things women need to check off on their 'life list'. 2 friends of mine were doing the event as well so it meant a bit more to me to see them out there. Meg and Christine had worked hard training for the event and the competition bug has bit them to some degree. I had to laugh when talking to Christine after the event, she looked at me and smiled as she pulled a box of raisins out of the mini pocket of her tri-shorts, my advise that she used from Friday. Meg's mom came down from NY to watch her girl have at it. Great job ladies! Oh yea, Meg is on a Masi too. Ha!

This week is a busy one in that I have to get the rest of the Masi bikes built up. Saturday I finished the Bianchi 928 Carbon Veloce (55cm) and start hammering out details for the new shop website. Saturday the 2nd I will be attending the local Def Leppard show, review to follow on it. Man I love the 80's... I have 2 extra tickets if any one is biting to go. Just so you get things straight, you'll be sitting next to my wife and I so don't think about showing' up with a pair of Tom Seleck length British flag shorts on.

Until then,
stickboy \m/
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